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An unofficial fanbase for FELIP. Collective souls devoted to his musical odyssey, where every beat is a journey.

About our Muse

FELIP is a multi-talented artist known for his work as SB19's Main Dancer and Lead Vocalist. With a background in music and a passion for fashion, he has established himself as a rising tastemaker.Born on January 12, 1997, he grew up with a love for music and began performing as a singer and instrumentalist for his local church in Mindanao. Over time, he discovered a talent for dancing and honed his skills through rigorous training and performances.FELIP's music is a unique blend of modern pop, influenced by hip-hop, rap, and rock. His debut solo track, "Palayo," released in September 2021, pays homage to his Bisdak roots and was recognized as one of Asia's best tracks of the year.

Who we are

We are a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for FELIP's incredible music. From discussing his latest tracks to sharing concert experiences, fan art, and memes, there's never a dull moment in our corner of the internet. We're here to celebrate the magic of his music and the joy it brings to our lives.

Why join us

Aside from being surrounded by awesome people who share your love for FELIP, joining our community has some sweet perks. We’ll keep you posted about FELIP’s latest releases and you'll get a chance to enjoy exclusive fan-merchandise and free tickets to his events.Membership application is currently open.

Streaming Guidelines


Step 1. Login to your Spotify account.
Step 2. Stream our handcrafted playlists or make your very own FELIP-focused playlist.
Step 3. Remember to sprinkle in 2-3 filler songs between each FELIP track and make sure the playlist is at least an hour long.
Step 4. Interact with Spotify like a DJ maestro by queuing up tracks or throwing in a cheeky skip.
Step 5. Put the volume up to at least 50% and don't loop.
Step 6. Grab your headphones or blast it on speakers and enjoy his music!


Step 1. Login to your YouTube account.
Step 2. Manually search for your chosen music video and make sure it's uploaded on his official YouTube channel.
Step 3. The quality should be at least 480p and pump that volume to a minimum of 50%.
Step 4. Hit play and settle in for the entire duration of the video.
Step 5. Use fillers: Play 3-4 music videos or a 10-minute long video in between. Don't delete your browsing history and don't loop!
Step 6. Now, here's the golden rule: as tempting as it may be, resist the urge to skip those ads.
Step 7. Show some love by hitting that like button once the video wraps up.

Spotify Playlists

Immerse yourself in FELIP's music and discover hidden gems, revisit old favorites, and explore new artists—all handpicked for your listening pleasure.Each playlist is updated bi-weekly and is carefully vetted to guarantee a seamless flow that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Palayo Moodboard
Rhythm and Blues

Bulan Mash-up
Hiphop and rap

Alternative Rock

Kanako Playlist
Popular anime OST


Whether you've got burning questions, wild ideas, or just want to share your enthusiasm, this page is your gateway to the heart of our fan community.We're here to listen, engage, and celebrate the passion that brings us all together.


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House Rules

Respect Others
Treat fellow fans with kindness, respect, and empathy. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences.
No Fan Wars
Stand up for FELIP while protecting his name. Refrain from using derogatory language, insults, or any form of hate speech when engaging in constructive conversations (rather than heated debates or shallow arguments) with fans of other individuals, groups, or fandoms.
Keep it Positive
Foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the fan community and show support for FELIP in positive ways—stream his work, attend his events, celebrate his achievements, and promote his projects.
Respect Privacy
Avoid spreading rumors or invading the privacy of the artist or fellow fans.
Respect boundaries and personal space.
Constructive Feedback
Criticize with purpose. Provide feedback in a respectful manner, focusing on helping FELIP improve.
Allow others to share their own constructive criticism and step in only when absolutely necessary.
Credit Original Content
Give credit to creators when sharing fan cams, fan art, fan fiction, or other fan-created content.
Respect their work and intellectual property rights.
Stay Informed
Keep up-to-date with official announcements and news related to FELIP or his group to avoid misinformation and rumors.
Violation to any of these house rules will not be tolerated. Repercussion is determined depending on the gravity of the situation.

Thank you

Look forward to our response and keep an eye on your inbox.